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Help requested posted on 21st September 2018:

School Crossing Patrols

I am looking for guidelines for when/if School Crossing Patrols should not operate when there are high winds. For practical reasons I cannot put an Anemometer on every site.
Any advice would be appreciated.

rosalin wong

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Response posted on 24th September 2018 by:
James Gibson

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School Crossing Patrols

Hi Rosalin,

There is an appendix in the RSGB SCP Guidelines which covers this.

Policy for operating in Adverse Weather Conditions"

This can be downloaded from the Members' Area of the RSGB website.

Kind regards,

Response posted on 24th September 2018 by:
Ian Turner


School Crossing Patrols

please see below: a paragraph from the School Crossing Patrol Service Guidelines regarding high winds.

SCP Guidelines
Revised June 2016
SCPs must keep the sign upright until they return to the pavement, and then stand away from the kerb edge, so motorists are not confused. Fig 1 shows an SCP gathering pedestrians with the sign held parallel to the kerb, this also helps to keep pedestrians under control before the crossing manoeuvre begins.
SCPs must not use hand or arm signals to control traffic. In extreme weather (such as high winds) and if the SCP has difficulty holding the sign, then it is recommended the SCP crosses with the pedestrians but does not signal to drivers to stop, see Appendix 17 for a policy on operating in adverse weather conditions.

Extreme Weather/Wind Conditions
If the wind speeds are extremely high, it may not be possible to operate at all.
Managers and SCPs should be aware of possible severe wind and weather warnings by monitoring weather forecasts. Hurricane force is rare in this country, however, if conditions such as this are experienced it may be that schools will close and therefore the SCP may not be needed. However, when schools are open despite the weather, SCP staff must attend work unless told otherwise.

Thank you.

Carolyn Miles | Manager School Crossing Patrol | Public Health Team | Chief Executive's Office |2nd Floor, Princess Building, Princess Street, Halifax HX1 1TP | Mobile: 07872100781

Response posted on 24th September 2018 by:
Richard Hall

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School Crossing Patrols

Hi Rosalin

there isn't a specific wind speed that would you could say would make it unsafe to operate, that has to be on a case by case basis depending on the site location and the patrol themselves. The current SCP guidelines (April 2018) give the following advice:
Strong Wind
When the wind speed at the site increases it may be necessary to adopt a different
approach to ensure the SCP’s personal safety, and also that of others who may use
the crossing facility.
Each SCP is different in terms of stature and physical strength; therefore it is the
responsibility of each individual to determine when an increased wind speed will cause
operational difficulties.
The arm that is not holding the Stop sign has a two-fold use. In the first instance, this
increases the area of high visibility material to approaching drivers. It also forms a
visible barrier to drivers and reinforces the Stop sign.
The following directions are for much higher wind speeds: If wind speed is at a level
that the SCP feels is too high to operate using the Stop sign, the Stop sign may be laid
down in a safe place, and the children may be “escorted” across the road as if they
were with any responsible adult. SCPs must be aware that when “escorting” children,
they are no longer operating as a School Crossing Patrol and therefore they cannot
stop traffic. It is NOT permissible to stop traffic without the prescribed STOP
An indicator of when the Stop sign should be laid down is when the SCP finds that he
or she is concentrating more on holding the sign than on observing the traffic and
crossing the pedestrians.

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