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Help requested posted on 1st August 2018:

Visibility Screen

In order to reduce excessive visibility to the right at a priority junction, we are looking to install a visibility screen. Due to maintenance issues associated with ‘living’ visibility screens (hedges, vegetation etc) we need to go with something that is non-living. Rather than a standard boarded panel fence, we would prefer to go with something that is slightly more aesthetically pleasing. One possible option is the use of individual canes bound together by wire in a ‘softer’ fence type structure. However, I wondered if anyone can recommend any other options that have worked for them? Thank you for your assistance.

Ryan Penn

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Response posted on 2nd August 2018 by:
David Rees

T: 01516062111

Visibility Screen

We have a fence structure on a dual carriageway approach to a motorway junction (A554/M53 j1) which may be of interest

Response posted on 10th August 2018 by:
Dave Parke

T: 01179306315

Visibility Screen

Hi, In Bournemouth there is a wire screen with concrete posts with what I think may be Ivy growing on it which looks ok.
Its on the A3060 Castle Lane East Westbound approach to the A338 (Cooper Dean Rbt). Should be able to see on google. If you would like further information, let me know and I may be able to assist.

Response posted on 30th August 2018 by:
Martin Evans

T: 07712877508

Visibility Screen

Oh yet another good visibility junction being restricted. Shouldn't we be encouraging better driving and improved traffic flows?

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