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Help requested posted on 13th April 2011:

Secondary school years 7 and 8

Does anyone have an in class program that they have used with students in years 7 and 8, that they don't mind sharing?

I need to come up with an engaging program including, power point, videos, quiz and games ECT for class based sessions for 55 to 60 minutes duration. I don't want to re-invent the wheel, as I am sure there are lots of tried and tested programs done already.

Marie Craddock
Birmingham City Council

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Response posted on 13th April 2011 by:
Richard Clark
Stockport Council
T: 0161 474 4837

Year 7 and 8 RS work

You can do a lot worse than use Sandwell's Front Page News pack. The beauty is in its simplicity. If well managed it hardly ever goes wrong.If you want to get in touch I'll send you a lesson plan and some other bits and pieces that helps the activity to go smoothly.

Response posted on 14th April 2011 by:
Sarah Collins
Cheshire West and Chester Council
T: 01244 976713

Year 8 work

I would highly recomend the scheme run by Warwichshire 'Driving Ambitions'. It is an excellent scheme and has been evaluated.

Response posted on 14th April 2011 by:
Geoff Barrell
Oxfordshire County Council
T: 01865 810450

Yr 7 & 8 ETP Interventions

In Oxfordshire we have always found these 'wildnerness years' hard to reach. Pupils are beyond the stage where they are keen to engage. We have found the most effective (in terms of positive feedback) intervention to be TIE, the difficulty has been getting timetable space and to that end we spend a lot of time endearing schools to the concept and seek to do the same school at the same time each year to get continuity as if TIE will just come at that time every year!

Response posted on 14th April 2011 by:
Paul Dunn
Lincolnshire County Council
T: n/a

Secondary school years 7 and 8

Show the Green Cross Code advert and ask the students to update the super hero. Invite the students to explain their ideas, then bring the whole thing back to reality. For example if their super hero is able to stop traffic to enable them to cross the road, tell them to use a recognised crossing.

I think you get the idea.


Response posted on 14th April 2011 by:
Matt Staton
Cambridgeshire County Council
T: 01480 376716

Yr 7 & 8

Marie, do you have access to qwizdom handsets? If so I have a package we use in Cambridgeshire which includes all you list above. The presentation lasts between 45-60 mins depending on discussions and is really interactive for the pupils. We have had good feedback from pupils and teachers alike, and the bonus is that their responses are saved for you to analyse afterwards. Happy to share it if you get in touch.


Response posted on 14th April 2011 by:
Margaret Tester
Swindon Borough Council
T: 01793 466399

Secondary Schools Years 7 and 8

We use the DVD 'Ghost Street' good feedback from students and staff and encourages discussion. There is also another programme 'It could be you' which comes with lesson plans and discussion sheets, this is available from Sandwell, also very good resource.

Response posted on 14th April 2011 by:
Sue Murdoch
Sheffield City Council
T: 01142736166

Secondary Schools Years 7&8

I use a presentation I put together for Y8 which is focussed on risk. It includes discussion points, videos, and a quiz on crossings. It works extremely well and has a great response from all the schools I use it with. I deliver to all classes in year group in PSHE lessons. If you want a copy please feel free to email me. For Y7 we also use Front Page News and make the class into as courtroom which always goes down well.

Response posted on 14th April 2011 by:
Liz Brooker

T: 02083142254

Year 7 and 8

We use a year 7 PHSE teachers pack and a Year 8 Geography pack, through B3 Creative, a lesson can be taken out to use as and when needed or the whole teaching pack can be used for a course. I will send you a pack of each if you want?

Response posted on 15th April 2011 by:
Jan Parkin
Southampton City Council
T: 023 8083 4468

Yr 7/8

In Southampton I give a presentation to Yr 7 students based on Road Safety and Cycling Awareness. The presentation is very interactive and the pupils are asked many questions and encouraged to respond by relating their own personal experiences in particular to cycling. The presentation also encourages pupils to wear a cycle helmet and given the egg demonstration which always goes down very well as I name "my baby". If you want any more information, please contact me.

Response posted on 15th April 2011 by:
Sarah Laming
Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership
T: 01452 425602

Yr 7/8

Hi Marie,
Here at Road Safety Partnership Gloucestershire, we use a PowerPoint presentation for Year 8 students on 'In car passenger safety'. It mainly covers the topics of seatbelt wearing and distraction, brings in some statistics and includes two video clips (DFT 'Richard' and 'Backwards'). The presentation takes about 45 minutes and seems to have been well received so far. Do contact me for further information.

Sarah Laming

Response posted on 20th April 2011 by:
Kate Wheaton
Road Safety Scotland
T: 0131 472 9204

Your Call

Road Safety Scotland developed a toolkit called Your Call for this age group, following independent research. It employs active learning and makes links across literacy and health and wellbeing. It was launched in May 200 and will be reviewed in the autumn. I can send you the DVD, the full pack is down loadable on our website. Feedback so far has been extremely positive.

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