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Help requested posted on 30th July 2018:

Zebra Crossing

We have recently changed a few of our crossings back to Zebra crossings and we now have reports of near misses. Does anyone have a good clear image we can use in a campaign on how to use Zebra crossings.

Elaine Skinley

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Response posted on 31st July 2018 by:
Nigel Flower

T: 01392 383895

Zebra Crossing


We have used stencils on the approaches to crossings to give advice on how to use the crossings. We did video for 24hrs following and it appeared that people did take on board the advice.

We have also picked up an issue with Zebra crossings recently concerning queuing traffic across the crossing, does traffic queue across the zebras in question?

Response posted on 1st August 2018 by:
Elaine Skinley

T: 01595744560

Zebra Crossing

Hi Nigel
We are not aware of queuing across them just the cars not stopping and people walking out without waiting for the vehicles to stop.

Do you have a picture of the stencils you used on your crossings?

Response posted on 6th August 2018 by:
Sarah Collins

T: 01244 976713

Zebra Crossing

Hi Peter
As we too have the same scenario I would appreciate a copy of the stencils if you don't mind sharing please.

Many thanks

Response posted on 16th August 2018 by:
Trish Hirst

T: 01904 551331

Zebra Crossing


We too would be interested in seeing the stencils, thanks,


Response posted on 16th August 2018 by:
lyn Hesse

T: 01223 699499

Zebra Crossing

Hi Elaine
we have a leaflet suitable for primary aged children that we use.
Happy to pop one in the post for you if you think it would be of use

Response posted on 28th August 2018 by:
Suzanne Lindsay


Zebra Crossing

We would be interested in seeing the stencils too if possible.


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