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Help requested posted on 5th July 2018:

Theory Test

Can anyone advise if there is a scheme which helps young people with autism deal with the theory test?

Michael McDonnell

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Response posted on 7th July 2018 by:
David Langham


Theory Test

Good evening Michael,

I work as a motorcycle instructor and one of the team trains / assists people to complete the theory test I am sure she will know the answer to your query. If you could forward me some contact details and I will ask her to give you a call beginning of next week. I hope this helps if you haven't already found the answer


Response posted on 3rd August 2018 by:
Helen Luker


Theory Test

Hi Michael,

I don't know about a scheme but I thought I'd set out the accommodations that are offered to theory test candidates, depending on the impact that their autism has on them.

Accommodations for someone on the autistic spectrum include:
extra time
separate room or site closure
reader or reader/recorder
reader familiar to the candidate
home test
oral language modifier (OLM)

But itís important to remember the accommodations are not limited to these and if there is justification for more unusual requests (such as a support animal or possession) these can be granted with appropriate safeguards.

More information about what's available and how to arrange it is here:

Helen Luker
DVSA Product Manager - Theory Test

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