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Help requested posted on 24th May 2018:

People somewhere in the middle ...

We (that's we RS professionals not just 'we' in Poole!) offer both passive and active "road safety" to children and young people. We do quite a lot for older drivers, both active and passive "road safety". We offer passive road safety to people somewhere in the middle too. Are we missing something? What active road safety interventions do you offer for those 'in the middle', parents, non-business drivers, Jo Public ... ?

Nick Ellis

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Response posted on 26th May 2018 by:
Martin Evans

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People somewhere in the middle ...

Promote further training like the Advanced driving and riding courses from the road safety charities:IAM RoadSmart and ROSPA. The courses are inexpensive and teach higher-level skills. All drivers would benefit.

Response posted on 28th May 2018 by:
Honor Byford


People somewhere in the middle ...

Here in North Yorkshire we are mainly data led so we do adress adult "in the middle" groups wherer they are road user groups at secific and elevated risk e.g. cyclists, motorcyclists. We also address those in a position to influence target groups such as teachers, parents, older peoples organisations and groups. We may also target things geographically e.g. messages or roadside posters to make users of our rural roads more aware of the presence of cyclists or horse riders. This is limited to high usage routes, We do not have the resources to be able to put out general messages to the wider population any more. There would probably be a benefit in doing so, but that would be a job for central government and there is little appetite or budget made available from the DfT beyond their targetted campaigns these days.

Response posted on 1st June 2018 by:
Mark Kimpton


People somewhere in the middle ...

You could consider starting up a community Facebook page targeted at this group. The page could contain all sorts of useful information and news that would be of interest to this group and others. The content could be interspersed with both specific and general road safety information. The overall content would need to be fun, entertaining and useful to maintain and grow a following.

I've set up a similar type of page with a motorcycling theme running through it, however it's very eclectic and it seems to be growing a following from individuals of all ages including a number of non-motorcyclists. Google 'The Riding Rover Facebook' or go to and have a look. I put a small advert in a local newspaper and got some free editorial to start it off. I funded this myself and it didn't cost a lot. Once people pick it up and start sharing it the following could grow quite quickly.

It only costs time to maintain it, although, of course, time is money these days! Something like this could make a useful project for a student wanting work experience or a road safety practitioner looking for a project for continuing professional development purposes. The sixth forms and students from local schools could be offered involvement - they might like to communicate to this group on matters like 'how we would like to be treated by other road users on our way to school or college'. Many of these younger people may be learning to drive or be aspiring to driving lessons soon.

My page contains all sorts of things from photos of fishing boats and attractive old churches, bits about cycling, really nice places to go and visit together with some messages about road safety and motorcycling. I jotted down some of my thoughts in the form of some simple aims and objectives, bounced them off a few people and off I went! It's too early yet to say what an impact my page will have or indeed any page similar to it - if any, but I thought I would have a go. As they say, nothing ventured nothing gained!

Scroll back to the beginning and have a look at how my page has progressed, it may give you some ideas - then go ahead if you think there's some mileage in an idea something like this. If you'd like a chat about it let me know and I will be happy to email you my phone number.

Response posted on 4th June 2018 by:
Rob Hattersley

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People somewhere in the middle ...

We're planning a programme called SafeStart in Poole itself at our SafeWise Safety Centre - and also in Weymouth. This will support parents (of the under fives, but it's for the 'in the middle parents' not the children) in road safety and in-car safety, as well as a host of other issues. Do get in touch if you'd like to chat - or perhaps we will meet (again?) at Dorset RoadSafe?

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