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Help requested posted on 4th May 2018:


We are currently looking at all of our Bikeability paperwork (booking forms, consents etc) and wondered if anyone has already been through this process? How will you be processing/storing information? What changes have you made to consents? If anyone has any information they would be willing to share it would be appreciated.

Dean Pocock

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Response posted on 4th May 2018 by:
Lorraine Doran

T: 0121 704 6511


I have now requested that the school keeps all the data we have requested via consent forms, which is just the name and any medical conditions, these are recorded on our register and then left in school at all times.
The register is completed by the instructors and then returned to the office where I store the data in a locked file on our computer system, whic can then be shown to DFT if required.

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