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Help requested posted on 12th April 2011:

Inflatable booster seats

After researching child car seats, I came across a company who produce inflatable booster seats -

They state that they are certified for use in vehicles in the European Union and could be ideal for holidays/use in taxis etc.

Does anyone have any more knowledge/experience of these seats?

Jennifer Coombs
Birmingham City Council

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Response posted on 12th April 2011 by:
Peter Fleming
Stockton on Tees Borough Council
T: 01642 526737

Inflatable booster seats

Not seen these before, but interesting idea for occasional use. Especially if you are going on holiday and hiring a car whilst away (would save the hassle of taking a bulky seat with you).

Response posted on 13th April 2011 by:
Vanessa Ball
Derbyshire County Council
T: 01629 538060

Inflatable booster seat


I have spoken to the person who carries out our car seat checks for us, please see his reply below.

Yes it is legal as it passes the standard, but no I wouldn't sell it or endorse it in any way as I wouldn't put my child into it, it offers very little side protection but does pass the standard. The EEC R44.04 standard is not very strict and the U.K. should think long and hard about creating a British standard again to erase the poor standard of seats on sale in Europe.

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