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Help requested posted on 31st January 2018:

Primary School Transition to High School

We are looking to update the Transition to High School sessions that we deliver in Warrington. We currently use the Street Moves resource with Year 6, which works amazingly well, but we have used it for a number of years now so we would like to refresh the packages that we offer. Would anyone be willing to share details of Transition to High School programmes that you deliver in your area?

Beverley Mercer

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Response posted on 31st January 2018 by:
Germaine Walsh


Primary School Transition to High School


We do not use any official package but following a pilot last spring, 2 of us deliver Streetwise advanced pedestrian training to nearly half of Cardiff's 100 Primary schools.

The pilot was well-received but as it incorporated bus travel too, it was costly and time-consuming as we might take a couple of buses to their high school.

Our initial 45 min 'Classroom Workshop' (no I.T)covers a quick quiz regarding statistics. We discuss their preferred transport option and that they need a Plan B. Distractions are discussed.

They might see the seatbelt demonstrator or I bring in my bike to demonstrate a quick bike check. We spend 20 minutes in small groups reading maps to identify safer routes from home, Primary School and Secondary school.

Most Year 6 classes are going to a variety of high schools and travelling to each one is impractical. Instead we have a set timetable Sept-June, spending half the session meeting our four Year 5 JRSO's.

The other half of the morning or afternoon, we tend to walk around the locality (occasionally to their high school) delivering an advanced form of Kerbcraft. I try and incorporate visiting a bus stop so they can practise reading a timetable and learning how much money they need for a ticket/card/App.

We often cover The Green Cross Code (a new concept for this generation), safe crossing places and aim to use a couple of examples, how to safely cross between parked cars, tactile paving, being conspicuous, getting eye contact with drivers.

Ideally we will conclude at each school following the practical training with another classroom session where we will reinforce everything including dealing with unusual situations (missing bus, no lift etc.) and us the Think! Education Journey Planner with children.

In Year 7 if we can get into High School (PSE Day?), this would be reinforced with workshops utilising PowerPoint and videos.

Response posted on 31st January 2018 by:
John Billington

T: 01384422578

Primary School Transition to High School

Hi Beverley
We do a couple of transition resources.

"Move On Up" is a magazine that covers all the relevant road safety issues. "Way 2 Go" is an activity book that covers a wider range of issues relating to safer and sustainable travel.

If you want to see any samples just let me know.


Response posted on 31st January 2018 by:
James Marsh

T: 020 3772 0744

Primary School Transition to High School

Hi Beverley

We've created a few transition resources for a couple of councils.

Stepping Up! A magazine originally for Brent Council but now used throughout London and can be ordered through the London Road Safety Council at

Going Places - A booklet for Richmond but now used throughout London and can be ordered through the London Road Safety Council

On the Move - Created for Solihull Council, comprised of a magazine for pupils, a leaflet for parents and lesson plans for teachers. This has been used throughout West Midlands through the WMRSP. You can contact them through this link

We have also created a small, generic activity booklet for YR 5 and 6 which talks through transition issues (independent travel, route planning etc). More about it and how to order is here

Hope that all helps!

Response posted on 1st February 2018 by:
Pam Williams

T: 01454 863606

Primary School Transition to High School

We use a resource called 'Way 2 Go' which focuses on sustainable and active travel choices it is a magazine style resource designed to be delivered as part of a class room session or at home with parents. This is delivered as part of a package of measures which include a route planning activity.

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