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Help requested posted on 18th January 2018:

Mobile phone use by drivers

Are you involved with a project or product targeting driving mobile phone use?

My team at Keele University has received funding from the Road Safety Trust to compile information on the range of innovations and projects currently operating across the UK to tackle the issue of mobile phone use by drivers.

We have devised a short survey and would invite anyone involved in such a project to complete it. Equally, please pass this link on to anyone you know who may be able to contribute.

In return we will be offering to meet with project designers and innovators to share our academic insights into project design, evaluation, promotion etc.

Your help is much appreciated.
You can also follow our work on Twitter @MobileEngaged #MobileEngaged

Dr Helen Wells
Principal Investigator MobileEngaged project

Helen Wells

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Response posted on 19th January 2018 by:
Andrew Fraser


Cell phone use by drivers

I'm sure there must be UK equivalents!

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