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Help requested posted on 16th January 2018:

Business Road Safety Event Flyer

Does anyone have an example of a flyer/leaflet/invitation to local businesses to invite them to attend a business breakfast or similar to showcase the services and products we have to offer and how it would benefit local business. I am not even slightly artistic so if anyone has anything they would be willing to share even to give me an idea I would be really grateful

David Rudd

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Response posted on 16th January 2018 by:
Adrian Walsh

T: 07887552708

Business Road Safety Event Flyer

We have a whole suite of material aimed at local business.

Response posted on 17th January 2018 by:


Business Road Safety Event Flyer

Can you send me your mail address and will send through our business flyer

Many thanks

Response posted on 29th January 2018 by:
Beverley mercer


Business Road Safety Event Flyer

Hi David,

If you send me your email address I can send you some of the things we have used in Warrington

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