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Help requested posted on 16th November 2017:

Air Pollution Education

We are developing a presentation to show why air pollution is bad and what pupils can do to prevent it near their school. Are there any resources for pupils aged 4-8 that cover air pollution ?

Alan Innes

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Response posted on 17th November 2017 by:
John Billington

T: 01384422578

Air Pollution Education

Our new resource "Air, Land and sea" covers the topic for upper KS2 / Lower KS3 - so it's aimed at an older age range but might be of some help. It's also accompanied by a webpage with links to relevant sites

Hope that helps


Response posted on 17th November 2017 by:
Hedley Griffin

T: 01986798613

Air Pollution Education

I am just preparing a new book, "Smog in the Fog", in the DangerSpot Books series for is age range dealing with these exact issues. This will be available in 6 months, but the artwork will be completed within 4 months. If the timing is ok I would be pleased to discuss this further should you be interested?

Response posted on 17th November 2017 by:
James Marsh


Air Pollution Education

How timely!

I was just chatting to colleagues at the RSGB conference - and gauging opinion on whether there was demand for an activity book for primary schools children on air quality, no idling, making pledges and active travel. Plus a leaflet for parents.

It seems there is demand so we are now creating one. Very happy to see if we can accommodate any particular concerns of yours if you would like to contact me?

Response posted on 20th November 2017 by:
Mark Symonds

T: 01314693817

Air Pollution Education

Have you seen ?
It's probably ok for the upper end of your desired age range

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