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Help requested posted on 17th October 2017:

Virtual Reality Road Safety Film

Has any Road Safety Team produced a successful anti -drink/drug virtual reality road safety film? Would you be happy to share it? Any recomendations of a company who could produce one?

Sarah Collins

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Response posted on 19th October 2017 by:
James Evans

T: 08451 308853

Virtual Reality Road Safety Film

Hi Sarah,

I don't believe there is a drink/drug drive VR film currently. But we would be keen to work with you on producing one - it could be that we could crowd-fund some of the development costs from other partners, as I'm sure it would be a good use of the VR technology, especially considering we can mimic the effects of drink/drug use in first-person VR.

You've probably already seen this film we produced with LFRS -

All the best,


Response posted on 23rd October 2017 by:
Keith Baldock


Virtual Reality Road Safety Film

We've worked with James - Sussex Safer Roads - and Brighton & Hove CC - and SSRP are currently - recommend

Response posted on 2nd November 2017 by:
Glen Davies

T: 07795071809

Virtual Reality Road Safety Film

We have used a company called Walkgrove for many of our road safety educational tools - including face to face learning, elearning and more recently VR for Cycle Safety.

Walkgrove has also developed road safety and health/wellbeing training videos for HS2.

Happy to introduce


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