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Help requested posted on 4th August 2017:

Cycling Proficency traing for children

We have recently had an 11yr old girl placed with us for long term foster care. She has a mountain bike but doesn't have any road awareness. I think the bike is too big to be ridden on the pavement and we would like to enroll her on a cycling proficiency course so that we know she understands how to be safe when cycling. Do you know who organises the training and who we could get in touch with? Thanks

Ann Hallam

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Response posted on 6th August 2017 by:
Julie Jones

T: 07769 915856

Cycling Proficency training for children

Dear Ann,

Assuming this child does not have special educational needs, there's nothing to prevent her learning to ride on the road.

Your local County Council's Road Safety team should be able to provide you with details where this 11 year old girl can get at least the National Standard Levels 1 & 2 cyclist training. Some run own in-house schemes and others prove Bikeability (government grant funded) schemes.

In the first instance, I'd recommend that the 11 year old is helped to develop traffic awareness as a pedestrian. Cycling in moving traffic (required for N.S. level 2) requires quite complex decision making skills.

To begin with, when out walking roadside, this youngster should be asked lots of questions about what they are seeing traffic do, involving them in the decisions about where and when to cross (while with them) is the best way to help prepare children for the time they'll have to be independent.

When the child has demonstrated the ability to make good decisions as a pedestrian then they should be ready to move to cyclist training.

Good luck.


Response posted on 6th August 2017 by:
Saul Jeavons


Cycling Proficency traing for children

This link will take you to your local authority road safety unit who can advise on provision in your area:

Response posted on 8th August 2017 by:
Sandra Pearson


Cycling Proficency traing for children

Harrogate Borough Council have a Bikeability Course running next week at The Hydro in Harrogate see link below for details:

Response posted on 9th August 2017 by:
Michael Frearson


Cycling Proficency traing for children

Bikeability is the government's national cycle education programme, based on the National Standard for Cycle Training. It is delivered to more than 300,000 children in around half the primary schools in England each year. The Bikeability website lists local training providers: For more information:

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