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Help requested posted on 3rd August 2017:

Mini-Ped Crossings

Hi, we're looking to replace some of the mini pedestrian crossings we use in schools. Unfortunately, AVIAF - the firm we have used previously - no longer manufactures them, and though I've approached a couple of others, I haven't found anyone who still makes/supplies them. Does anyone have any idea who still does? Thanks.

Janet Massey

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Response posted on 3rd August 2017 by:
Andrew Price

T: 07798757675

Mini-Ped Crossings

I may or may not be able to help you. If these mini crossings are to be marked out in the grounds of the school, it may be possible to provide them in a prefabricated thermoplastic system.

Please have a look at the following website.


07798 757675

Response posted on 3rd August 2017 by:
Buzz Road Safety Education

T: 07790132115

Mini-Ped Crossings

I found Aivaf equipment a bit more unreliable than and heavy to transport the around. As part of my 'Roadshow' workshop I use a small model pelican made by Ken, and light, battery powered and goes through the sequence. Only cost around 15!! and used regularly for over 6 years.

Response posted on 4th August 2017 by:
Emily Tester


Mini-Ped Crossings

You might that Learning with Linden may be able to assist you. We have brought resources from them and they have been good.

Response posted on 15th September 2017 by:
Kim Hart

T: 01274 437409

Mini-Ped Crossings


Just wondering if you managed to get sorted with these, we are in the same position. Our AVIAF puffins are starting to let us down and we really need a replacement- our schools love them.


Response posted on 16th October 2017 by:
Alan Innes


Mini-Ped Crossings

We have been using these in our road safety magic show for a while but will need to replace as well.

Will try and see if we can source from a contact we have that makes the temporary ones used by road contractors and post here if we can help.

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