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Help requested posted on 1st August 2017:

Motorcycle Levels of Service

In New Zealand we are currently developing a set of motorcyclist specific levels of service. These levels of service will influence both capital and maintenance works to reduce the risk of motorcycle crashes (and motorcyclist harm). I am looking for any existing or proposed examples of motorcycle specific levels of service that anyone may be aware of.

Sam Pasley

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Response posted on 10th August 2017 by:
Kevin Wilcox

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Motorcycle Levels of Service

Hi Sam, in the UK we have the IHE Guidelines for Motorcycle Engineering. I have a paper copy from quite a few years ago, but I guess if you contact the Institute of Highway Engineers they will be able to supple an electronic copy. This gives the ideal solutions to engineering to support safety for motorcyclists. Don't think we have a specific level of service.

Response posted on 26th December 2017 by:
Peter Seymour


Motorcycle Levels of Service

Hi Sam,
Bit concerned about what you are suggesting, both in it's value and implementation. A guide is fine but a compulsory obligation is not and will become a farce. Do you have evidence of bad maintenance causing crashes or harm, and is it of a significant level to justify the amount of effort producing a guide?
Maintenance levels are already defined by manufacturers, they are the experts and responsible, with respect, you and I are neither. - Beyond the service level checks set out by manufacturers everything else is variable depending upon the bike and rider circumstances. Pre-ride checks should be the norm, as should be tyre pressures/oil etc. Beyond this it will depend upon the vehicle and what can go wrong or come loose over time. This can only be determined by the rider or mechanic.

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