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Help requested posted on 27th July 2017:

Off Road Motorbike Interventions

I am attempting to find out if anybody has devised an off road motorcycle diversionary course to deliver to off road bikers.

Ruth Thompson

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Response posted on 27th July 2017 by:
Mike Abram

T: 07951131900

Off Road Motorbike Interventions

Ruth Feel free to give me a ring we have done a bit of work around this in Merseyside.



Response posted on 27th July 2017 by:
Derek C Donald

T: 01463792154

Off Road Motorbike Interventions

There is a company called MotoScotland based in Inveraray, Scotland who provide off-road Motorcycle training and I have heard that there is another near Falkirk. I am sorry but I have no further information other than that.

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