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Help requested posted on 1st June 2017:

Inspection of Rickshaws/Pedicabs

We have had an enquiry from a Local Authority in Scotland asking of an organisation they could contact to undertake a physical examination of a rickshaw or 'pedicab' as they are sometimes referred to. The 'inspection' would be to ensure the vehicle is in a fit and proper state to be used for hire or reward in their area. Alternatively they may seek to have an individual trained if anyone has knowledge of a suitable approved training centre.

Sandy Allan

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Response posted on 2nd June 2017 by:
Mark Foweraker


Inspection of Rickshaws/Pedicabs

I would suggest that any decent bike shop that has staff why are cyctech trained, or any independent cyctech trained cycle mechanic, would be the appropriate way to get any cycle mechanically checked by someone who has qualifications to back up their report. Get a written report with relevant cyctech registration details.

YMMV (i.e. I reserve the right to be wrong)

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