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Help requested posted on 30th May 2017:

Cycle Helmet Wearing Guidance in Arabic

Anyone aware of cycle helmet wearing guidance in Arabic?

Michael McDonnell

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Response posted on 30th May 2017 by:
Stephen Lambert

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Cycle Helmet Wearing Guidance in Arabic

There is some guidance available on the DoT website for Abu Dhabi at:

The pages are all available in Arabic and English.

The English version is at:

Response posted on 1st June 2017 by:
Walter Funk


Cycle Helmet Wearing Guidance in Arabic

You may have a look at the website . IN the course of the mastery of the many new refugees in Germany this website offers information in the main native languages of the refugees. In the download section you will find a brochure "Cycling in Germany" in Arabic that also briefly covers the aspect of helm wearing.

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