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Help requested posted on 26th May 2017:

Independent travel training resources

We are revamping our independent travel training provision for schools and colleges after a hiatus of several years. Would you be able to share your resources with us, especially if geared towards Y10 and up students with special needs? Our old resources are black and white and a bit boring, paper-based and just not quite what a modern young person would like to use. If you're happy to email, great; if you prefer to post, email me and I'll give our real address by return. Thanks in anticipation ...

Nick Ellis

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Response posted on 26th May 2017 by:
Hedley Griffin

T: 01986798613

Independent travel training resources

I self-publish a range of child safety books. Would you be interested in discussing a new title for your concerns and needs to be given away to schools?

Response posted on 30th May 2017 by:


Independent travel training resources


we developed a web-based resource a number of years ago - don't get a lot of traffic to it, but have kept it live nonetheless.

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