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Help requested posted on 25th May 2017:

Passenger Assistants on Home to School Transport

The Borough of Poole employs Passenger Assistants for Home to School Transport. We have a training programme for Passenger Assistants and at the moment this does not include training in restraint techniques. We are being asked to consider this to meet the needs of young people with SEN who through their high levels of anxiety are exhibiting physically challenging behaviour.

I would be interested to know whether other LAs have considered restraint training for Passenger Assistants and the reasons for their decision. If restraint training is being provided what type training is being used? Team Teach is the technique used in schools but I am not clear if this would be suitable for young people and Passenger Assistants in a confined place.

I appreciate that those accessing this forum may not deal with this aspect and so I would be grateful if you could pass this query on to someone who does.

If anyone would be happy to call me to discuss I can be contacted on 01202 261910.

Julie Gale

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Response posted on 30th May 2017 by:
John Spencer


Passenger Assistants on Home to School Transport


Forwarded on behalf of Linda Pratt

Thank you for your enquiry.
In Northamptonshire Highways we do not train our PA in restraint techniques. We have been offered Team Teach training from one of our EBD Schools, but the take up was very poor so we decided not to pursue it. Our PAs rely on the students wearing Unwins Best Vest and Houdini Harnesses. We do not fit these, we insist that the parent and school staff fit and remove them at the start and end of each journey.
I hope this is of some help.
Linda Pratt
01604 364396

John Spencer
Team Leader - Road Safety & Travel Choices
Northamptonshire Highways
Riverside House, Bedford Road, Northampton. NN15NX
DDI: +44(0)1604 364430

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