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Help requested posted on 7th April 2017:

Community Speed Watch - Summit

On 10 May during Global Road Safety Week we are holding a Speed Summit to showcase some of the most effective interventions designed over the last 20 years and to identify what more needs to be done. we will be including avearge and fixed cameras, NDORS, local management schemes and others which have been recognised with Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards. We are looking for someone who manages a successful Community Speed Watch programme to present their experience. Please contact

Adrian Walsh

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Response posted on 12th April 2017 by:
Francis Bernstein

T: 0778844 8243

Community Speed Watch - Summit

Hi, I am volunteer on Community Speed Watch in London. I would be happy to help a panel discussion, if you need to hear from volunteers.

The current system has limited value as it is inefficient. Technology could significantly improve its effectiveness’s, and free up invaluable Police time.

Roadside car registration detection and speed detection camera systems are needed to support Community Speed Watch.


Response posted on 12th April 2017 by:
John Morrison

T: 01732454536

Community Speed Watch - Summit

I led a Community Speed Watch group in Sevenoaks Kent for more than two years during which we sent in hundreds of speeding reports to the unit run by Kent Police. Though the scheme worked well in itself, we eventually gave up because we realised that we were just an alibi for the failure to take speeding seriously and enforce the 30 mph limit by Kent County Council and Kent Police. Together they run the local safety camera partnership but despite our pile of data in a speedng hotspot my attempts to secure some kind of fixed camera deployment were turned down flat on the grounds that only a series of casualty crashes would justify this. In other words, speeding on its own continues to be seen as a victimless crime unless there is a crash. Camera technology is easily available but there is no political will to upset motorists by enforcing the 30 mph limit. We realised finally that putting a group of pensioners in yellow jackets by the roadside to gather data was a bit of a sham. After a while motorists ignored our presence and the warning letters they were sent in the post. They knew there was no chance of getting into serious trouble.

Response posted on 21st April 2017 by:
Malcolm Whitmore

T: 01509890295

Community Speed Watch - Summit

We had a very active Speed watch Group in our Leicestershire village as part of a county wide project. We had exactly the same experience as that described by John Morrison in Kent.
It is to be hoped that those responsible for road safety make future decisions that improve the real world rather than misleading the public on this key area of public health.

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