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Help requested posted on 18th November 2016:

Wheelie bin stickers

Seen the 2011 posts on this subject and have already got permission from lead council member, waste management team and traffic management team in Thames Valley Police. Slow down design (no speed limit) - pre data collection ready to be deployed. My one thought on proving either way my findings is how others have communicated to the residents - what they need to do, why it is important to keep to the recommendations etc etc etc. A resident information leaflet seems to be the solution at the point of distributing the bin stickers - Does anyone have a template they are willing to share.

Cheryl Evans

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Response posted on 18th November 2016 by:
Andrew Fraser


Wheelie bin stickers

I haven't heard of any such scheme having any long term effect (although it might encourage more fly-posting) and I don't see any authoritative body amongst those consulted.

A resident information leaflet explaining the need for Intelligent Speed Assistance, however, might set a real ball rolling, although, of course, even that might not be enough:

Somebody has got to start addressing the speed problem seriously, even if central government won't.

Response posted on 24th November 2016 by:
fiona ancell


wheelie bin stickers

we have used them in north yorkshire. I will email to you the leaflet we have used.

Response posted on 29th December 2016 by:
Vicki Bristow


wheelie bin stickers

Hi - bit delayed but thought I'd let you know that we use these too in Warwickshire and West Mercia and they go down really well with local residents. I'm not too sure of their effectiveness of actually reducing speeds as we've never looked into this, not too sure how you would measure this without any other factors coming in to be honest.

However, we feel that it offers some kind of community reassurance that, in cases where we can't offer speed enforcement, we are at least offering the community something they can do where they feel they are ding something.

We have a 30mph version and a slow down version and a residents letter (the stickers always go out to either a lead on the Parish Council or the local policing team.

Hope that helps.


Response posted on 30th December 2016 by:
Graham Compton


Wheelie Bin Stickers

We introduced the 30mph, 40mph plus the SLOW stickers and an advisory letter some years ago in Leicestershire and Rutland. The response from residents, community groups and parishes have been positive as many sites are unsuitable for other measures or police enforcement.

The stickers are a cost effective way of reinforcing the speed limit and they do offer some reassurance to residents who are continually concerned about the level of speed.

We will let you have the guidance letter which accompanies the stickers.

All the best


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