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Help requested posted on 27th August 2010:

Driving Lessons for the 15+

What do you think about driving schools offering off road lessons to the 15+.

It was tried by BSM in the 1990s and found unsuitable and ceased.

If we are contemplating raising the legal age for driving won't this type of training lead to more illegal driving and possible rise in car theft by the under 17s?

I would like to hear the arguments from all sides because I am not sure that it works.

Many thanks,

Chris Hamer

Chris Hamer
Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

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Response posted on 7th September 2010 by:
Peter Wilson
Westminster City Council
T: 02076412016

Pre driver education

Here is the link to theCritical Review of the Literature on Attitude Change and Development, Good Practice in Pre-driver Education and
Programme Effectiveness.
A long read but useful
Alos a link to DfT survey of pre driver ed provision.
Happy reading

Response posted on 7th September 2010 by:
kaye roberts
Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
T: 01702215338

Young Drivers

I am just as disappointed with Mercedes Benz who run a driving academy for anybody over 1.5m in height, children as young as 12 have been learning to drive cars to a standard whereby Mercedes say they would pass their national L test.

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