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Help requested posted on 26th August 2016:

Children and Behaviour Issues in the Car

I have been contacted by someone who has to transport a ten-year-old with some behavioural issues. This has seen him do a variety of different things, such as: undo his seatbelt; climb across other passengers; distract/attack the driver; wind down the window and hang out; climb out the window (not centrally controlled)and walk down the road. Anybody got any experience and/or guidance on this?

Michael McDonnell

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Response posted on 26th August 2016 by:
Helen Cray


Children and Behaviour Issues in the Car

Hi have you seen this site may, hope it may be of some help?

Helen London Borough of Redbridge

Response posted on 30th August 2016 by:
Rob Booth


Challenging behaviour

We have many contracts with children travelling who have challenging behaviour. First solution would be to have a passenger assistant. there are clips to put over the seat belt anchor point, also for children with extreme challenging behaviour there are harnesses that can be bought from Crelling Harnesses. Would also speak to school/parents to see if there is anything that can be used to keep the child occupied. Risk assessment would question medication taken, seating plans etc. Child locks are a contract requirement.

Response posted on 1st September 2016 by:
Jenny Wright


Child and behaviour issues in the car

We were approached by a school with a parent having the same issues with a child of this age. I arranged to go into school to do a seatbelt assembly using 'The Dims' presented along with the fire service. We then saw a small group of children afterwards to discuss what they had seen and we talked around issues that had been raised from the driver and explained to the children what could happen if they did such things. The feedback from the school was that the behaviour of the child did change. Using the fire service was beneficial as the children really seem to take on board anything from them. Hope this helps.

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