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Help requested posted on 25th July 2016:

LGV Curtain-side trailers and wind

With some partners here in Scotland, we're about to do a wee bit of work, probably awareness-raising/media campaign around Curtain-sided trailers and high winds. The encouragement will be to tie curtains back when there is high wind to reduce the risk of blow-overs. We've got access to the RHA and FTA guidance, as well as the Freight Best Practice guide but I wondered if anyone had done anything on the media front.

Michael McDonnell

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Response posted on 25th July 2016 by:
David Clark


LGV Curtain-side trailers and wind

Hello Michael,
This is not quite what you were asking for but;
I agree with what you are trying to achieve here. Could I suggest that you include in the training that if you are trying to tie back a curtain in very high winds it can be snatched from your hands and the pole can then fly back and cause injury.
I know of at least two instances where this has happened.
Iím not saying donít tie the curtain back simply take care when doing it. Possibly try to find a sheltered spot.

Response posted on 4th August 2016 by:
John Lambert


Curtainsided semitrailers and wind loads

I know Monash University Victoria Australia has done work on heavy vehicle aerodynamics that I'm not sure if they covered issues to do with side winds on curtain sided semitrailers or pantechnicons.
I would however point out that one of the major benefits of curtains is that they maintain the cargo space in a weather protected situation. If there is water on the tray of the curtain sided vehicle, it affects the slipperiness of wooden pallets on the floor, and will also adversely affect goods in bags or cartons placed on the floor. The approach in Victoria has been to warn vehicle operators of areas where high winds might be a problem (this includes those towing caravans), and in our high Westgate bridge when wind speeds pick up the operators reduce the speed limit on the bridge.
I would further comment that most curtain sided semitrailers in Australia have no facility to tie back the curtains effectively.

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