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Help requested posted on 23rd June 2016:

Older people's survey used with success? Seeking example.

Starting to investigate older people's needs/wants/expectations concerning road safety - not relating to driving though! Has anyone done a simple survey which I can 'borrow'? I've found lots of brilliant research papers but not one actual set of questions ...

Nick Ellis

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Response posted on 23rd June 2016 by:
Kris Beuret


Elderly pedestrians

I have a report including the questionnaire form which was done for a European Project about the attitudes of elderly people to various road safety initiatives and schemes. Not sure how to insert what is a big file so do send me your direct email.

Response posted on 27th June 2016 by:
Pat Bates


Older people's road safety survey

A few years ago we previously ran an older road users presentation that encompassed subjects other than just for drivers road safety. It covered passengers, journey planning, confidence, public transport, mobility scooters, vehicle adaptations, etc. as well as drivers. No surveys but we did notice that there was not a uniform response. Some groups wanted to spent time and had questions on mobility scooters, others on managing & navigating busy roads/ spouse's driving etc. Changes to highway code over the years.

Response posted on 12th July 2016 by:
Alan R. Tizzard


Older road users

No matter how qualified and road wise we older drivers are we must not become complacent and self satisfied with our possibly long serious accident free record. There is always the possibility that just around the very next bend there is a situation the likes of which we have not for all our years behind the wheel encountered. If we are totally honest with our selves we have to admit that we still get caught out sometimes. It is very useful to actually place your self in the roll of Driving Test Examiner and conduct your own full Driving Test I do this every couple of years.
Maybe I should mention that for 28 years I was an Inner London Local Authority Road Safety Officer. I am not a perfect driver but I never stop trying to be one. Oh and I have all the right post nominals behind my name but they only show that I should have known better when I do not get it quite right.
Alan Tizzard
Accident Analyst

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