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Help requested posted on 11th May 2016:

Event interactive resources for children

I'm looking for interactive resources/games that I can use at events for children. Things like a roll out crossing with dress up lollipop officer clothes etc. Does anyone know of any online websites that we can purchase things like this?

Gillian Kelly

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Street Feet

Try Fresco Interactives
We have bought 'Street Feet' kits from them and supplied them to some of our schools

Response posted on 11th May 2016 by:
Stephanie Edwards


Street Feet and other resources

We are a company who specialise in road safety educational resources for all ages.

Here is the link to our web page.

If you require any further help with anything please ask.

We are now the sole supplier of the Street feet fit. Which we have available in stock for next day delivery.

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