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Help requested posted on 7th April 2016:

Young Motorcyclists mini-conference

I am organising a mini-conference in Staffordshire on 26 May and am looking for any county who have a good initiative targeting young riders to come along and present at the conference. The conference is free and we already have lots of delegates and road safety professionals from around the country. I am hoping to finalise the agenda by the latest early next week to enable me to promote further, so please contact me on 07855 336922 or as soon as possible.

Kevin Wilcox

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Response posted on 8th April 2016 by:
Trevor Turner



Our Company Airvest, specialists in motorcycle airbag safety with our Helite range of protection products, would be most interested to give a presentation to your conference as we recognise the need for young riders to be aware of all the options available to address their safety as motorcycle riders.

Please contact either Peter Riley our MD on 07775532977; 0113284 3497; or myself, Business Development Director on 0755 0870 511

Response posted on 18th April 2016 by:
Jim Sanderson


Young Motorcyclists mini-conference

Hi Kevin, what organisation are you representing and who else is attending please?

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