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Help requested posted on 17th February 2016:

School parking issues

We are looking for effective case studies where problems with dangerous parking/drop off outside schools have been resolved/reduced. Do things like putting out cones or having cardboard police figures on display actually work?

James Wilkinson

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Response posted on 17th February 2016 by:
Jim Melville


School Parking Issues

Hi James,

Everything works and nothing works.
It comes down to the responses from those involved.

We have taken a holistic approach involving educational, engineering and enforcement measures to address specific issues.

First step we take is to identify the individual issues that contribute to the problem and then progress from there.

If you drop me a line I can provide draft guidelines that I'm working on that might be helpful.

Kind regards

Response posted on 17th February 2016 by:
Pat Bates


School parking issues

Hi James
Best of luck with that. We use the green cones scheme which emphasises what drivers should already know about where not to park (on zig zags and yellow lines.) Some people are prompted to leave the car at home but the main effect is to displace parking to a location further away and hopefully where less children are crossing. Occasionally we hear of cars driving down the road with a cone wedged under the car..... There's no telling some people. A periodic presence by the police is essential for enforcement, so if you want to try something new, I suggest you get the buy-in of the local Neighbourhood Policing team first.

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