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Help requested posted on 8th February 2016:

Children's travel on public transport

I am writing an Occasional Paper for the Independent Transport Commission on Children and Travel and I am wondering if anyone has carried out safety training for travelling by bus or train for either the journey to school or on a wider basis. I am also raising the issue that in some cases travel by bus would be safer than walking or cycling. Any thoughts?

Kris Beuret

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Response posted on 8th February 2016 by:
Carla Lowe


Bus Days

Not sure where you are based but Transport for London in partnership with the Metropolitan Police - Safer Transport Team have Bus Days which in a nutshell are bus journeys for special educational needs and disabilities students to get familiar with bus personnel, protocol I.e, using an Oyster card and a potential bus route (independently or assisted).
You can contact me directly if you want Transport for London's contact details re the scheme.

Response posted on 8th February 2016 by:
Andrew Fraser


Travel on public transport (generally)

Regarding the matter you are raising regarding travel by bus, I can assure that in most cases travel by bus is likely to be safer than almost any other mode - at least for the passengers! It is quite a different matter for those outside the bus ...

Sources: 1.

2. Department for Transport statistics
Reported casualty and accident rates by urban and rural roads, road class, road user type, severity
and pedestrian involvement, Great Britain, 2013

Response posted on 8th February 2016 by:
Mark Bunting


Children's travel on public transport

Hi Kris

We were involved in setting up an independent travel training scheme for SEN children which invovles training on road safety, bus travel and personal safety.

The link below takes you to a newsletter which has contact details for the scheme coordiantor:

Kind regards

Mark Bunting
London Borough of Bexley

Response posted on 11th February 2016 by:
Angelina Dawson


GO4it Independent Travel Training Unit - Sandwell

Hi Kris,
We have been running the travel training unit here in Sandwell for seven years now. We work with young people with SEND from 11+ years of age through to adults. We also run an initiative in our schools to teach travel ability skills from primary school age.
As a Unit we predominately teach home to school/college/day opportunity/work experience/work placement/work and return.
Our initial thoughts would be that travelling by bus has some additional safety benefits including, CCTV, communication capability (two way radio/emergency button) some are tracked, safer travel partnerships/police, inspectors etc.

For further information about us please contact me direct or look at:
Facebook: ITTU Sandwell
Twitter: @ittusandwell
Instagram: travel_training_go4it

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