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Help requested posted on 21st January 2011:

Vehicle child locks

It has been suggested to me that the harm which can accrue to children by being trapped in a vehicle by child locks can outweigh the benefit of their being prevented from falling out by the locks. Does anyone know of any research which would shed light on this?

Tim Philpot
Wolverhampton City Council Road Safety Team

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Response posted on 24th January 2011 by:
Steve Wilson
Derbyshire Constabulary
T: 0345 123 3333

Child locks


Sorry, unaware of such research. But the attached link may be worth a read and subsequent contact with the site authors?

Steve Wilson
Head of Raods Policing
Derbyshire Constabulary

Response posted on 24th January 2011 by:
David Clark
95 Alive Partnership
T: 01609 797479

Child Locks

Hello Tim,

Before starting work here at North Yorkshire County Council I spent 11 years in fleet training. Most of the courses I delivered recommended that all doors should be locked because of the danger of attack from outside. A lot of modern cars lock automatically. If air bags are triggered the doors unlock.
In a serious incident help usually come from outside the vehicle and child locks only disable the interior handles.
Hope this helps.

David Clark
Driver Training Officer
North Yorkshire County Council

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