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Help requested posted on 18th September 2015:

Promotion of Road safety messages

If you wanted to promote road safety messages to young people, instead of visiting schools, college and youth organisations, whereelse would you go and what other organisations would you promote to? This is for promotion of a new centre at Kent Fire and Rescue Service. We welcome any ideas, thanks.

Alan Faulkner

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Response posted on 21st September 2015 by:
April French


Promotion of Road Safety messages

Rather than visiting, how about sending eye-catching posters to schools, colleges and youth organisations? Perhaps do a series of posters to run over a month or two where the first is just an intriguing photo with or without a cryptic caption and the second makes it all clear? Another way might be to use social media -- e.g. school/college's Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc. Also, local libraries can be a good resources. Good luck!

Response posted on 25th September 2015 by:
Mark Kimpton


Promoting road safety messages

As well as social media dedicated to young people, many towns have a 'spotted in anytown' page, we have on for Warminster in Wiltshire with all sorts of messages for a diverse range of people; you could have a go reaching young people via these types of pages.

Many community newspapers have an on-line news feed as well as their paper editions, some young people are required to visit these or even read newspapers as part of their courses. These newspapers generally like to serve the community in which they are published. You could contact papers like the Ashford Advertiser, Kent Messenger, Folkestone Herald and The Looker, down on the Romney Marshes, with a view to supplying them with topical and targeted road safety messages.

If you are hosting any events at fire stations, how about interviewing any young people who attend and asking them about their views on road safety issues and ask them to suggest potential ways of getting the message across - peer group comment can work very well.

Response posted on 1st October 2015 by:
James Marsh


Promotion of road safety messages

I think this is for the new centre in Rochester? Although your target attendees will be young people (14-20 years), I'm guessing that few young people will be making a visit of their own volition - and they will actually becoming through a school, college or local club. So, it's the adults who organise those schools and clubs who you need to reach.

So, I would suggest a targeted email campaign to the schools, explaining what it is you offer, with an easy "one click" way of registering interest. It needs to be a well-written and well-designed email, with just a few key points. You will probably get a 10-20% response rate.

You really need a named contact at each organisation. Note: that is not the admin@ or office@ email address, but a real person. You need that person to take ownership of this.

You can follow this with a direct mail campaign to those who haven't replied, follow by another email referring to the direct mail campaign.

Combining email and direct mail can be very effective - and if you can follow up with a phone call, even better still. It's all time, though!

If you don't have that database, you will need to create one by calling each of the schools colleges (all schools and colleges will be listed on the county website). It's a time-consuming process but well worth doing and something a junior member, if well briefed on the need for complete accuracy, can easily complete. Plus, you will have this data for future use.

Personally, I would either start at the schools and colleges nearest to the centre and then work further afield over time; or, alternatively, target those areas with the highest KSIs and approach educational establishments in those areas - they may well understand the issues and be very grateful for contact.

A general PR campaign on the new centre and other marketing activities over time will helpful but I think it will be the direct contact to schools that will bring in your target audience.

Sorry didn't mean to write quite so much! I can suggest more ideas if you'd like - just drop me a line and let me know.

Good luck with the centre - it looks great!

Response posted on 9th October 2015 by:
Claire Armstrong



It depends entirely on what you want to promote.
For example if you want to say 'drive' better (targeting the inexperience) then perhaps placing and ad to come have the chance to sit in a Ferrari/Lotus etc on a certain day is likely to bring in lots of young people - then surrounding this event are IAM, Defensive driving course info and people to promote it, leaflets to take away,
an app to download (talk about later), animations to promote the purpose and interactive ability testing... etc :)
If the purpose is to gently educate without an event as such then posters in whole area (good for all age groups) and promoting how well to do something right is positive and encouraging.
Putting up social media promotion to help back this up and people around to interact with it too would also help.
What is it that you wish to promote and achieve? What age groups and whats the budget ?

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