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Help requested posted on 17th January 2011:

Partnership working with schools

We are working with our partners to provide a menu of road safety ETP to be offered to Year 11 and above. A variety of workshops covering topics such as antisocial driving; passenger safety; pedestrian safety; texting/phones; young motorcycle riders; young car drivers are being offered either as a stand alone session or as a half day or full day event?

Has anyone had any experience of something similar? What are the pitfalls/successes?

Sue Virgin
Dorset County Council

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Response posted on 18th January 2011 by:
Christine James
Weymouth and Portland Borough Council
T: n/a

Partnership working with schools

I know that Essex county council did some day long events in conjunction with Essex police and I think Sainsbury's; I did have some information and can't remember the name of the event, but it was a few years ago and I was keen to do something similar here in Weymouth.

Would be good to be involved with an idea like this.

Hope that's of use?


Response posted on 18th January 2011 by:
Ben Beckwith
Cornwall Council
T: 01872327340

Partnership working with schools

Cornwall council has been running its young driver education programme for several years now. The programme is aimed at year 12 (post compulsory) students.

Until this year the programme consisted of a full day of 5 separate hour long workshops working in partnership with Cornwall Fire and Rescue, Devon and Cornwall Police and the Driving Standards Agency.

Last year an extensive programme of evaluation was carried out and the main conclusions were that;

The programme was too long, 5 hours is too much in one day
The topics covered by the workshops were too similar
The workshops did not contain enough interactive elements.

In response to this the new Young Driver programme, Learn 2 Live, consists of a suite of different interventions available dependant on the different requirements of schools and colleges. Learn 2 Live consists of a stage event, a smaller mini event, or a workshop option.

The workshop option now consists of three, one hour long workshops delivered by Cornwall fire and rescue, Devon and Cornwall police and Cornwall Council road safety. Each of the workshops covers different road safety related themes, and focuses on different areas of delivery. Each workshop is a mixture of information, interactive content, emotional material and audience participation. Each workshop takes a very different tack, helping to keep the students involved and participating. Initial evaluation is showing excellent levels of customer satisfaction and a positive effect and demonstrable behavioural change.

In my experience I would recommend;
Less is more
Keep things different
Mix up lots of different learning styles and activities.
Make sure you have a mix of information, emotional content, advice and a bit of humour.
If you would like any further information please contact me directly.

Ben Beckwith

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