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Help requested posted on 10th December 2014:

Relief SCPs

I was just wondering whether any other local authorities have SCP reliefs that are on 'stand by’ to cover sites if an absence occurs? And whether you then have to prioritise which sites the relief will go to if you have more than one site vacant.

Claire Harris
Medway Council

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Response posted on 10th December 2014 by:
Nicola Gray
Borough of Poole
T: 01202 262220

Relief SCPs

We do have reliefs in Poole who cover sickness absence. We utilise our CEO's for the emergency morning cover if required and then use a relief to cover the remainder of the absence. If no relief is available the school is notified that the SCP is absent and will be advised when they have returned.

We do prioritise relief cover if more than one site is vacant and use a risk ranking of all our sites to determine which are covered in what order. We have a couple of sites that do not meet the RSGB guidelines/PV2 as being justified and therefore these sites are not covered by a relief if a patrol is absent.

Response posted on 10th December 2014 by:
Richard Hall
North Lincolnshire Council
T: 01724 297346

Relief SCPs

We have stand by SCPs (when we can recruit them) to cover a particular area with a number of SCP points for absence. They are paid a one hour weekly retainer plus however many hours they work over and above this. They will only cover for the short term - preferably no more than a week at one site. If there is more than one site that needs covering within the area we would prioritise, however we try not to chop and change as it is better to consistently cover one site than leave parents not knowing if a site will be covered or not. We don't pay travel as the areas are walkable
We also have mobile patrols that cover a much wider area - these are paid travel time and mileage on top of the duty hours. Again, we would prioritise sites. Our priority is to cover short term absences or for a few days to allow time for parents to be informed and make arrangements to get their children to and from school without a patrol operating.

Response posted on 11th December 2014 by:
Rob Camp
Dorset County Council
T: 01305 224548

Relief Cover

In Dorset we have several mobile reliefs, some will cover large areas, others just a few schools. With a cover rate of 99.5% of all absences, we are very rarely in a position of having to priorities. I agree with Richard, I would not want to chop and change but keep some level of consistency at a given site. If I was in a position of having to cover multiple sites with not enough releif cover, then I would make a judgement on which sites present the most risk and that not would not necessarily be the site with the highest PV2 score.

Response posted on 11th December 2014 by:
rosalin wong
Halton Borough Council
T: 07795978387

relief school crossing patrols

In Halton we have casual patrols who cover for sickness and void crossing points. Some will cover large areas and some will cover specific sites. They are paid only for the time they work.In addition we have a mobile relief patrol who covers sites in order of their priority. The mobile patol is paid a retainer plus essential car user and mileage.

Response posted on 11th December 2014 by:
andy swallowe
Cambridgeshire County Council
T: 07788565502

Relief Cover

In Cambridgeshire we have releif patrols who provide short or indeed long term cover when the permanent SCP is absent. They are used to specifically cover patrol sites in their local area, we do not use mobile releifs.
They are paid on an "as and when required basis" and do not receive a retainer payment. All of our SCP sites meet the required nationally agreed criteria therefore we treat all SCP sites with equal importance and do not prioritise.

Response posted on 21st December 2014 by:


Relief School Crossing Supervisors (SCS)

Hi from Qld Australia. Our crossing supervisors work to a roster depending on the number of crossings at each school (some have two or three). So if there are two supervised school crossings we would employ three SCS's. They work one week at each crossing then a week off( unpaid). During that week off they can be called in to fill in at their usual school or one nearby- extra $ in their pocket. Seems to work well. If there is a instance where no one can work and QTMR is advised in advance one of the offic staff will go out and work.

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