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Help requested posted on 9th December 2014:

Pedestrian guardrail policy/procedure

Do any local authorities out there have a pedestrian guardrail policy and / or procedure in place? I have been made aware of the DfT LTN 2/09 'Pedestrian Guardrailing' and TfL 'Guidance on the Assessment of Pedestrian Guardrail', however any other examples would be greatly appreciated.

James Sutton
Medway Council

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Response posted on 18th December 2014 by:
steven cross


pedestrain guardrail

Midland service improvement group have a draft paper on this subject. if you email me I can send you a copy.

Response posted on 8th January 2015 by:
Jeff Taylor


Pedestrian guardrail policy/procedure

The DofTstreet_design_2014 amy be useful to you, if you can't get a copy I can email one to you


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