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Help requested posted on 8th September 2014:

SCPs and central refuges

Does anyone have any ideas on how to raise the profile of SCPs who operate on a central refuge? I only a have a couple but in both cases I witness so many drivers failing to stop. It is the old two road scenerio. Has anyone tried additional signage at trouble SCP sites, or any other way of raising the profile of the crossing? I have recently had made two pop signs in support of 'stop means stop' campaign. I have utilised them for few days at one of the SCP sites and the SCP has reported a change in driver behaviour, which may suggest additional signage is the answer, or more likely the effect of the sign is temporary and will be ignored if displayed for a long period. Any ideas?

Rob Camp
Dorset County Council

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Response posted on 8th September 2014 by:
Peter Wilson
Westminster City Council
T: 02076412016

SCP central refuges

We have one site which has on the refuge, wigwags pointing in both directions, advanced School signs with patrol plates and advanced wigwags on approaches. Both sides of the road also have the school sign painted on the carriageway.
The question is is it a two road scenario. According to the Highway code paragraph 30 "Where there are no controlled crossing points available it is advisable to cross where there is an island in the middle of the road. Use the Green Cross Code (see Rule 7) to cross to the island and then stop and use it again to cross the second half of the road" This suggests it is not a 2 road situation but one road in 2 halves.. If it is a controlled crossing place when the SCP is on duty rule 29 applies and pedestrian should wait until told to cross. I have yet to be told whether a SCP is regarded as a controlled crossing point. If that is the case then the SCP overrides the refuge and the road is one road.
At our site there are build-outs on both pavements to narrow the carriageway on both sides of the refuge which allow a bus to pass, just.
I wrote to the DfT and the then DSA about whether the patrol is stopping traffic in both directions, especially due to the narrowness of the carriageway and pedestrian movement from the opposite side of the road, or should we treat it as a two road situation. I also asked our traffic police who considered that motorists would think it a 2 road situation and we should work on that premise. The response from both DfT and DSA said it was an interesting situation and should an incident occur the courts would have to make a judgement. We work in the assumption that nobody really knows and the SCP treats it as 2 roads for greater pedestrian safety. We investigated whether the SCP could operate from the refuge thus stopping traffic from both directions but the keep left signs obscured view of the SCP. Good luck.

Response posted on 11th September 2014 by:
David Sharp
Midlothian Council
T: 0131 271 3518

SCPs at islands

A single SCP at an island trying to stop 2 streams of traffic can be a problem, unless there is enough room on the island for all the customers to wait while the SCP moves from having stopped one stream to then stopping the other stream.
I've had to move an SCP site from a site with an island along the road so it was clear that they were stopping both directions at once. Long ago I've also had to remove an island (that I'd just got installed) at an SCP site when we realised that a patroller couldn't stop both sides at once. It had been working ok with the unfinished island there until the keep left bollards went on. If you have to have a crossing where there is an island that isn't big enough to wait on, you might need two patrollers so both sides can be stopped at the same time.

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