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Help requested posted on 29th July 2014:

Volunteer SCPs

Is it possible to use volunteers as SCPs and, if so, does any other authority have any in post?

Bridey Greenway
Derbyshire County Council

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Response posted on 29th July 2014 by:
Rob Camp
Dorset County Council
T: 01305 224548

SCP srevice volunteers

This is an area Dorset looked at some 3 years ago and the conclusion was it was not worth proceeding. Essentially volunteers working as SCP's should be treated as an employee, so the same level of supervision. It is highly likley even if you could get volunteers they would most lilkely not want to work everyday, so you would need muliple staff at each site. That has a cost implication in terms of monitoring and uniform. For me the most significant downside is how do you approach disciplinary issues with volunteers. I am sure any volunteer who is subject to any complaint and possible disciplinary action would simply leave. I would imagine a high turnover of volunteers and a very unreliable service. I have trouble recruiting staff who are paid let alone working for nothing!!I think you either provide a fully funded SCP service or withdraw the service.

Response posted on 29th July 2014 by:
Caroline Howson
Hampshire County Council
T: 01962 832213

SCP Volunteers

We don't have any in Hampshire due to similar reasons as Dorset, resource and reliablity implications.

Response posted on 29th July 2014 by:
Judith Billingham
Wiltshire Council
T: 01225 701970

Volunteer SCPs

We use volunteer SCPs in Wiltshire. This is normally tied in with the school wishing to encourage walking rather than car use and asking for an SCP to encourage parents to allow children to walk to school. The sites do not meet the criteria for providing a Council funded SCP so the school recruits a volunteer/s. We provide the training and uniform and ongoing supervision, but the post is not a paid post.

Response posted on 29th July 2014 by:
Richard Hall
North Lincolnshire Council
T: 01724 297346

Volunteer SCPs

I think Rob has highlighted many of the problems with using volunteers. In the 2013 nation SCP survey only 6 respondants out of 141 (4.3%) had used volunteers to some extent. The Road Safety GB SCP Service Survival Guide will give you more information on the issues around volunteer SCPs. This is available on the SCP page in the member's area of the RSGB website.

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