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Help requested posted on 11th June 2014:

Community Speed Watch

Does anyone deliver community speedwatch and if so, do you charge volunteers for delivery of the training to use the equipment?

June Howlett
Buckinghamshire County Council

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Response posted on 11th June 2014 by:
Suzanne Coles
Swindon Borough Council
T: 01793 466394

Community Speedwatch

Hi June,

We run Community Speedwatch in Swindon, in partnership with Wiltshire Police and Wiltshire Council. As far as I am aware we do not charge volunteers for the training they receive. If helpful I can put you in contact with our CSW Co-ordinator who should be able to give you more information if required.


Response posted on 12th June 2014 by:
Stuart Howarth
Rochdale Casualty Reduction Team
T: 01706 924605

speed watch

In a move to try and assist residents who think they have a speeding issue in or around their area, we purchased 4 high visibility coats, 2 collapsible road signs and a speed gun around £400 in total. We use our local Community Police Beat Manager to show the residents what to do with the equipment (They get the info from their traffic colleagues)
The data collected is collated and given back to the Police. If the Police see an issue from the data they will enforce. As yet we have never had an “Issue” Best £400 ever spent.

Response posted on 13th June 2014 by:
Andrew Harris
Essex County Council
T: 07841-367684

Community Speedwatch

In Essex, no costs are passed on to any community speed watch groups although some CSW groups look to obtain funding for a radar / lazar via their local Parish council etc.

Response posted on 16th June 2014 by:
John Siddle
Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership
T: 01522 805800


We are just launching our new CSW and we do not charge for training

Response posted on 3rd July 2014 by:
Andrew Brown
Dorset County Council
T: 01305 225142

Community Speed Watch

Here in Dorset the Community Speedwatch scheme is managed and promoted by Dorset Police. Communities are charged for the initial surveys and the equipment including the speed gun. Details of the scheme on this link:

Response posted on 4th July 2014 by:
David Osborne
Metropolitan Police Service
T: 07921-067383

CSW Equipment

We have not charged for training in the Met.

On another note - We are refreshing our Speedwatch activities in London and are in the process of sourcing some portable dot matrix signs. Any suggestions or recommendations?


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