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Help requested posted on 27th May 2014:

SCP Staff - lone worker status

I have been asked to check to see if any authorities have lone worker status in place for SCP staff and if so what procedures are in place to manage it, particular in relation to them logging in and out of work. Any information you have will be gratefully received.

Mary Jarrett
Suffolk County Council

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Response posted on 29th May 2014 by:
Ann Corbett
Durham County Council
T: 03000 268167

Lone Worker Status

At Durham we have a lone worker risk assessment in place for patrols and this is accompanied by lone worker arrangements which I think will cover your query. If you would like further information or a copy please contact me.

Response posted on 12th June 2014 by:
Richard McMillan
Moray Council
T: 01343 813798

Lone Worker

I do not receive a lone workerrisk assessment, in fact when we try to improve our safety situation we are fobbed off with our location, road signs are adequate and there is no money to make ant improvements.
I don't log on or off and who going to check it.

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