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Help requested posted on 14th May 2014:

Theatre In Education

I am looking at using theatre in education to deliver road safety messages to Year 9 and upwards. Does anyone have recent experience of this, and if so could you please give me some feedback on the organisation you used, and the specific areas they sought to address.

David Daw
Suffolk County Council

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Response posted on 14th May 2014 by:
Stuart Howarth
Rochdale Casualty Reduction Team
T: 01706924605


If you are looking at Y11 and college then i don't think there is any better than Too Much Punch for Judy (True Story) It has been around for years but the message is as topical as ever with a twist at the end.

However you need the workshops that follow the performance, without them the play is still good but the workshops really drive it home. Pardon the pun. Ape Theatre are the company who run it.

Response posted on 15th May 2014 by:
steve screaton
Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership
T: 0774746123

Theatre in Education

Hi David

I am the manager of our 2fast2soon theatre producation and it is avible to hire in!

please visit our website and if you are interested or want any further info feel free to call me


Response posted on 16th May 2014 by:
Kristine Beuret
Social Research Associates
T: 07771 661156

Independent evaluation

Re Theatre in Education - we looked at evaluation practices and found that most evaluation was carried out by the theatre companies providing the service immediately following the event. This bore little relationship to messages retained even a few weeks later which also showed that some responses were counterproductive. So I agree with Stuart Howarth - follow up workshops essential.

Response posted on 16th May 2014 by:
Fiona La Crette
London Borough of Camden
T: 020 7974 2467

Theatre in Education

Dear David,

We developed the performance 'Crossing Over' by Clifford Oliver with Arc Theatre (London)in 2009. It is based on our consultation with young people, parents and current research. It is aimed at children aged 12-14. It deals with individual responsibility, the multi-causal nature of collisions, the dangers of distraction and the consequences of risk taking behaviour on the roads. Please let me know if you require further information.

Response posted on 19th May 2014 by:
Richard Hall
North Lincolnshire Council
T: 01724 297346

Theatre in Education

We've used 'Perfect' by the Tiny Giants Theatre Company. This production is aimed at Y9 at addresses seat belt use for that age group (would also work in Y10). Very professional theatre company with a strong storyline that is entertaining, impactive and poignant. Our own evaluation has shown key messages retained many months later and up to a year after the event.

For Y11 'Never Saw the Day' from Walking Forward Theatre company is also very good.

Response posted on 20th May 2014 by:
Tracy Porter
Cornwall Council
T: 01872 327271

TIE in Cornwall

We used a company called Collingwood to engage through TIE with Year 8 with an in car safety message. The production was called 'Critical Moments' and was received very well. Collingwood were very professional in carrying out the whole process of booking, delivering and also sending out pre and post questionnaires to test students knowledge and attitude. I am happy to send you a copy of the evaluation report if you wish. I would not hesitate to invite Collingwood to tender in the future.

Response posted on 29th May 2014 by:
ken roberts
North East Lincolnshire Council
T: 07710265646

theatre in education

Hi David I used a company called Tiny Giants based in Liverpool to present a KS2 play called 'Courtroom'. An excellent play and company and I would recommend them

Response posted on 7th August 2015 by:
Pene Mather



In West Sussex we have both year 7 and year 11 TiE delivered as part of a Pan Sussex project funded by Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, the work is being delivered by 2 separate companies Box Clever and Performance in Education
TiE is delivered in our schools in the Autumn term for both year groups.

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