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Help requested posted on 1st May 2014:

SCP Funding

I am looking for any information and feedback on sponsored SCP sites and alternative funding streams anyone has tried, i.e schools, neighbourhood boards etc.

Justine Hardy
Derby City Council

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Response posted on 2nd May 2014 by:
Rob Camp
Dorset County Council
T: 01305 224548



We have 5 non criteria sponsored sites in Dorset, if you want to know more contact me direct.

Response posted on 2nd May 2014 by:
andy swallowe
Cambridgeshire County Council
T: 07788 565502

SCP Funding

Cambridgeshire had one sponsored SCP site which was paid for via advertising the sponsoring company on the back of the uniform. However after one year its looking highly likely that the company concerned will cease the sponsorship so its not been a great experience from my point of view. The key is to tie a sponsor into a long term service level agreement requiring funding 12 months in advance.
With regard to other funding streams the Education Finance Act clearly states that schools cannot directly use their budget to fund SCP's. A possible work around could be for the school to transfer funds to the PTA however I am not aware of anybody trying this yet.

Drop me an email and I can send you our guidance for third party funding and any other relevant paperwork.

Response posted on 8th May 2014 by:
Graham Lloyd
Wrexham County Borough Council
T: 01978729606


For this year we have approached the Community Councils to make a contribution towards the School Crossing Patrols in their area all have done so. If you need more please ring.

Response posted on 22nd May 2014 by:
Peter Wilson
Westminster City Council
T: 02076412016

SCP funding

Two sites funded by outside bodies.
One, a private school until the redesigned junction is put in which will have ped crossing facilities (roughly 18 months in post then it will go) and the other paid for by major contractor on site next to school. This is a new crossing which will also go when the work is done. Contractor recruited equipped and pays salaries plus our training costs.(they have had 6o plus muck trucks daily past the school entrance and now the construction begins there are more deliveries of concrete, reinforcing bars etc.)

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