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Help requested posted on 18th March 2014:

Motorbike helmets and safety gear for passenger children

Does anyone know where we can purchase helmets for children who are passengers on motorbikes? Also any other safety gear for these young passengers on motorbikes? In Uganda, children who are being ferried to and from schools on motorcycles are thrown off these motorbikes daily with little chance of surviving their injuries.

Sheila Ejalu
Any other organisation

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Response posted on 19th March 2014 by:
Gareth Tuffery
London Borough of Southwark
T: 020 7525 5566

Safety gear for children

Hi, Sheila
As you mention Uganda are you talking about riding pillion in Africa?

My advice as a motorcylist specalist for RSGB is that children do not ride as pillion however I understand in Africa neccesity dictates.

My advice would be to all pillion riders if your legs fail to reach the pedals you are to small to ride the machine safely.To be quite honest children are purchaed on a small patch of nylon often slippery bouncing around holding onto the riders waist with very short arms with small hands and fingers in many cases.A powerful motorbike can easily launch the child pillion into the air on acceleration or braking and even maybe on sharp cornering not a good mix.

I really can not advocate children travelling as pillion.

Response posted on 26th March 2014 by:
Saul Jeavons
The Transafe Network
T: 02071127036

Motorbike helmets and safety gear for passenger children

There are a range of child size helmets available used by children in motorsport from many manufacturers (for example the range stocked by )

However, costs are generally prohibitive in terms of the Ugandan market. The Australian Road Research Board has taken part in campaigns in Vietnam providing low cost tropical design motorcycle helmets and I suspect these would best suit your requirements my former colleague Paul Hillier should be able to assist:

Response posted on 28th March 2014 by:
Jill Aron
Any other organisation
T: + 61 3 9881 1547

Helmets for Kids

ARRB Group supports a program in SE Asia, 'Helmets for Kids', facilitated by the Asia Injury Prevention Fund. People may contact Paul Hillier at ARRB Group: re info about the program, and where the helmets are purchased. Info about ARRB's involvement is also on the ARRB website (Helmets for Kids):

Response posted on 1st April 2014 by:
Trevor Turner
Helite UK
T: 07550870511

Airbag Body Protection

Hi Sheila,

Airbag vests are available for all motorcyclists and their pillion passengers, including children. They provide protection that minimises the effect of accidents protecting the neck, collar bones, spine and the trunk of the body containing the vital organs. They are widely used in Europe and increasingly the UK by Police, business and leisure riders and their pessengers of all ages and sizes. They are re-usable with a substitute air canister that is quickly replaced. Combined with the helmet it saves lives. for further information email or the website

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