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Help requested posted on 31st January 2014:

Adult Pedestrians

I was wondering if anyone had delivered any campaigns targeting adult pedestrians, or has any publicity materials they used in targeting this group that I could look at? I am aware of the recent Stennik and Manchester campaigns.

Martin Mcintyre
Liverpool City Council

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Response posted on 3rd February 2014 by:
Peter Slater
North East Regional Road Safety Resource
T: 0191 433 3165

North East Adult Pedestrian Campaign

Hi Martin,

You may be interested in the campaign that RSGB-NE ran up here in the North East last year that specifically targeted adult pedestrians. It was reported on the RSGB newsfeed on the following link:

If you would like any additional information on it, please feel free to contact me.

Response posted on 28th May 2014 by:
Dave Lawson
Sheffield City Council
T: 0114 2736165

Adult pedestrian enquiry

Hi Martin

I'd be interested to be copied in to any information you have gleaned on this topic



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