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Help requested posted on 23rd January 2014:

Management of the SCP Service

Have any of your authorities transferred the management of the SCP service to the Local Education Authority, for schools to manage? Further, if schools do manage the service, do you think that the service has remained compliant with guidance and good practice?

David Harrison
Southampton City Council

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Response posted on 23rd January 2014 by:
Helen Simpson
Leicestershire County Council
T: 0116 305 6579

SCP Survival Guide


You may find the SCP Survival Guide helpful on the SCP section of the RSGB website. There is a section on devolving the service to schools and potential issues/problems.

Response posted on 24th January 2014 by:
Terry Beale
Somerset County Council
T: 01823340014

SCP Service


We have a hybrid system in Somerset. The recruitment and line management responsibilites rest with the school, we assess, train, equip and monitor the site and the staff. At present we also fund half the salaries but that is currently under discussion. Call me if I can help any further.

Terry Beale Service Manager
Somerset Road Safety

Response posted on 21st May 2014 by:
Claire Harris
Medway Council
T: 01634 331049

SCP Service


We have full management of the SCP's and have done for the last year and a half. We ask the schools to assist where possible when it comes to absence, informing us if the patrol has failed to and also providing us with copies of sickness forms for our payroll. The SCP's are Medway Council employees, this has come with its teething problems. The service runs to a higher standard with patrols being monitored more frequently ensures national standards are met.

If you want any more information, don't hesitate to contact me.

School Crossing Patrol Supervisor
Medway Council - Road Safety

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