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Help requested posted on 10th January 2014:

SCP Award Badges

I have a patrol who is about to hit 40 years service and I was wondering if anyone had a 40 year service badge without their Local Authority logo on it that I could purchase off them?

Nicola Gray
Borough of Poole

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Response posted on 10th January 2014 by:
Carla Lowe
Westminster City Council
T: 0207 641 4095

SCP Award Badges

Hi Nicola

I don't have a badge, but we produced some badges and awards for our school crossing patrol to celebrate the SCP Diamond Jubilee.
If you don't get a badge, you can contact the company below as they have quite a fast turnover.

Awarded2u Ltd
Unit 4a
Lower Road Trading Estate

Tel: 0845 878 7171
Fax: 01531 636525

Hope this helps.

Response posted on 30th January 2014 by:
Richard Hall
North Lincolnshire Council
T: 01724 297346

SCP service badges

Sorry, we only do up to 30 year badges as the numbers for anything above this are so low. If we have someone that reaches more years service we usually do them a framed certificate and present this along with some flowers. We would also publicise the achievement.

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