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Help requested posted on 12th December 2013:

Education & Enforcement

I'm looking for information/ideas/resources for Education & Enforcement days relating to speeding. Information regarding involvement from emergency services, structure and organisation of the day would be helpful. We are looking to introduce four E&E days in 2014 and it would be nice to see what is already being done in other areas.

Deborah Dalzell
Portsmouth City Council

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Response posted on 12th December 2013 by:
Robert Smith
Dorset County Council
T: 01305 224680

Education & Enforcement

Hi Deborah

We've been doing these as part of our "no excuse" project for about 4 years now and I know Essex CC and others have also been delevering and developing them. We have a good deal of evaluation and most of the reports and Focus Group studies are in the Knowledge Centre under "no excuse". I can give you the contact details of our Partnership project manager who co-ordinates them.

Response posted on 12th December 2013 by:
Anjila Clark
West Sussex County Council
T: 03302226708

Education & Enforcement


We used to deliver Operation Airwalk, which was a roadside multi-agency education and enforcement. The focus was on stopping drivers who were speeding, using mobiles phone or not wearing seat belts. The drivers were then directed to a Fire Service mobile education unit where they were shown one or two short DVDís and were spoken to by the Police, Road Safety or Fire and Rescue. While the driver was having the educational input their details and the cars road worthiness were checked often by our colleagues from VOSA too. Since the national diversion schemes coming into force we have suspended the Operation. However, we are looking at ways in which this can be reintroduced with a possibility to focus on a topic like winter driving.
If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me on 03302 226708 as I still have all the paperwork and I am sure I could get permission to share with you the Police operational order template that was used for each site which covered incorporated the risk elements of the operation.

Anjila Clark

Response posted on 16th December 2013 by:
Andrew Fraser
Falkirk Council
T: 01324 504931

Speeding - idea

I wondered whether you might wish to take the opportunity presented by your E 'n' E days to
spread the word about Intelligent Speed Adaptation. Quite why those most vocal about speeding are not clamouring for its implementation is beyond me. I don't know whether it's lack of publicity or whether we simply prefer less effective means of controlling top speeds.

Response posted on 17th December 2013 by:
Liam Collins
Essex County Council
T: 07584151470

Educate and Enforce - Essex

We deliver surround-a-town days in towns with historically high KSI figures.
Our role is to engage with the public that are stopped by the police and to show them a video (either on an iPad or in our trailer)suitable for the offence committed. This is done at 2/3 sites across a town.

We also arrange a school speed watch which involves an officer stopping speeding vehicles outside of schools and giving the driver the choice of a FPN or a chat with a group of children.
These children ask questions designed to make the driver think about their actions and the possible consequences. The children can also use radar guns and traffic counters to enhance the educational experience. This is also very good for the local press.

To compliment this, staff from our team and the fire service engage with the public at supermarkets to give the impression that we are literally everywhere in town on this day.

The police also update Twitter with anything interesting that occurs and the council updates the figures as we go along.

If you have any further questions i'm more than happy to help.

Response posted on 19th December 2013 by:
Rigault Mandy
Oxfordshire County Council
T: 01865 343167

E&E days - Speed

Hi Deborah

When Portsmouth introduced the 20mph limit in the City your ETP team of the time were involved in joint ops with both police and fire service. Police stopped and gave a ticket which was redeemable at a fire station within a certain time frame - think it was 4 hours. I know this because I tried to find out what the content of the education input at the fire ststion was and also because I think having the education at a site away from where the offence was committed is an excellent idea.It allows you to enforce at sites where there is no suitble space for a mobile unit etc. to educate in and it allows the driver time to decide if they will attend or not i.e. they have a choice. Oxfordshire has done both roadside, as described by others and used S.T.A.R.S (School Travel And Road Safety)children in joint ops. like Essex.When we did the roadsides we were hampered in the sites we chose because of lack of suitable education venues. We did a couple diverting people immediately into fire stations but I think the ticket idea givng drivers a time window to redeem the ticket is better. It means the person has chosen to attend - if they don't they have to pay! We showed a DfT ad. I think, on whatever topic we were enforcing, along with some photos of crashes my ops colleagues had attended and some stats! Feedback from the ops crews who helped was that many people were in a hurry to get away and were only attending the education session to avoid paying the fine, so were not really receptive to the messages. They were angry at being caught, in a hurry and feeling defensive. In view of this we tried out a couple of evening seminars on seat belts with SCAS paramedics. They were quite time-consuming to organise but I think probably gave a better environment for the participants to reflect on the possible consequences of not wearing a seat belt.
Given your query and given that Honor would like to establish a library of proven RS education resources/interventions is this a topic we should include or are diversion courses best left to the established providers? I'd be happy to be part of a working group looking at this, if it was felt useful for us to do it.

Good luck with your days and I'd be very interested to learn what you have as your objectives, what format you choose,what you include as the content and what your evaluation shows please. If you find a successful format then surely we all ought to be sharing it and slowly establishing a bank of activities we can all customise for local conditions and use? Thank you. mandy

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