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Help requested posted on 14th August 2013:

Mobile Phone Radio Adverts

Hampshire County Council will be running a mobile phone campaign in September on the radio. I'd be interested to hear any radio adverts on this topic that could prehaps be made available for relicensing? Ideally they would be 30 second commercials.

Charlotte Tilling
Hampshire County Council

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Response posted on 28th August 2013 by:
Robert Smith
Dorset County Council
T: 01305 224680

Radio ads

Hi Charlotte
We worked with Heart FM on a series of ads that included mobile phone use as a theme. The ads were real interviews with drivers who had just been stopped by the police for the offence. They were followed up by another series of interviews with emergency services personnel and their first hand experiences of dealing with the aftermath of crashes. Follow this link to hear them:

I'm sure Heart FM would be happy to re-license any of the ads we developed with them. David Greenwood (Woody) is the contact at Hampshire's Heart FM HQ or give me a call to discuss if you wish.

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