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Help requested posted on 18th July 2013:

Older Drivers and Automatics

We have had a number of serious collisions involving older drivers with automatics.

1) Does anyone have an ETP project in place to deal with this issue? We already run an educational project for older drivers I am trying to find out if anyone is already working with garages, GPs etc.
2) Has anyone carried out any research on the connection between an older driver changing from a manual to an automatic and the reduction in risk the longer they drive the automatic?

Nigel Flower
Devon County Council

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Response posted on 31st July 2013 by:
peter clayton
95 Alive Partnership
T: 01827


It could be they use the brake at the same time as the gas this can cause problems, it comes from the fact they have had no training with automatics they assume if you can drive a manual you can drive an auto,also you need to find out the model of cars involved in these accidents, this is beacuse some of the newer autos dont have creep ie if you release the brake the car creeps forward ( this is only on fluid flywheel systems ) on the newer autos you have to reve the engine to get the creep and thus it increases the chances of smashing into things.
so ask for the car details and look up if the model in question has a fluid flywheel and creep

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