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Help requested posted on 5th June 2013:

Collisions involving mobility scooters

I'm doing some workshops around older road users and have been asked to include mobility scooters in this as it is a perceived problem. Local casualty data doesn't really point up mobility scooter casualties. Does anyone have any stories/news issues/situations to share relating to collisions involving mobility scooters that might be useful for this?

Khair-un-Nisa Simmonds
London Borough of Greenwich

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Response posted on 5th June 2013 by:
Kate Carpenter
T: 07920 143940

Mobility scooters

Southend had some really good booklets at their SAMERU event recently, and South Yorkshire have a very good campaign. Numbers are limited but it's about maintaining independence (health/care costs high if people not mobile) while safe too - and a growing market so a good one to target i think! Steve Betts at S Yorks Police is your man. if you email me I'll give you his details:

Response posted on 6th June 2013 by:
cheryl hindle-terry
Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
T: 01702 215491


there is a highway code for mobility scooters available but other info is quite difficult to find.
i can send a report i did about the legalities of use and types, we also joined forces with a mobility scooter company which was helpful.

Response posted on 6th June 2013 by:
Paula Dea
95 Alive Partnership
T: 01609 532846

Mobility Scooters

There was a mobility scooter rider fatality in North Yorkshire last year, which has been highlighted in the Care on the Roads magazine: the rider had a serious problem with his vision which led to the coroner calling for mobility scooter riders being required to pass a test. My colleague Kevin Pratt has done some work in the past with mobility scooter riders, so it may be worth a chat with him, on 01609 535816.

Response posted on 11th June 2013 by:
Pat Bates
Torfaen County Borough Council
T: 01495 742429

mobility scooters

We looked into this a while back and unfortunately it is still a grey area. I think that when the regulations were drawn up there were no powered mobility scooters other than the old blue invalid carriages. The regulations don't seem to cater for scooters as a "life-style choice" and last time I checked, nobody I asked was willing to define who a disabled person was....
Road Safety Wales has a useful booklet than can be downloaded free from:-

Response posted on 24th June 2013 by:
Keith Baldock
Brighton and Hove City Council
T: 01273292258

Mobility Scooters

A colleague at Sussex Safer Roads Partnership evolved another booklet on safety for mobility scooters. We haven't had documented specific collisions to my knowledge. In 2010 we did an event with Age Concern (UK now) and the Red Wheelies (red arrows of the mobility scooter world based in kent I think) to promote safe use. Recently at events we give away packs of high vis circle stickers - offcuts of em service markings. Admittedly they are mainly aimed at cyclists but we do give them to mobility chair users and have given to retailers to distribute. I co-ordinate supply so if you are interested and have a budget let me know!
All best

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